Monday, April 21, 2008

Dear Sean Patrick:

(My dear friend, Patti, is pregnant with her second child. This morning, she discovered that her "Bean" is a boy - a younger brother for darling Liam. I am delighted for her, now knowing the special joy that comes with living in a house full of boys!)

Dear Sean,

Your Mama might be worried that she won't love you the way she loves your brother. She might think that the two of you, because you're boys, will be compared, contrasted and in competition for all things, especially her heart.

Wise Auntie Bellymonster is here to let you know that this simply won't be the case. Your Mama will take one look at your handsome, unique little face and melt into love with you. It may not take her by surprise, the way it did with Big Brother Liam, but it will be just as powerful. Maybe even stronger, as she knows how awesome it will be to watch you grow into yourself.

You and your Mama will share many special moments, Sean. Just the two of you, snuggled up nursing, sharing secrets with your eyes and greeting the dawn together. She will look askance to you, in the middle of the chaos of a house of boys and think to herself, "How ever did I get so lucky, to have Sean choose me?" and she will cry, just a little bit, because she's happy and that's what Mamas sometimes do.

You parents will spend a lot of time deciding which of your features match your brother's. This game will delight and confound them for hours at a time - how amazing that the love between made such wonderful little people. You will assert your personality long before your brother did, Sean Patrick. You will do your Mama and your name proud. I just know it.

Looking forward to the Fall, lovey. When magic happens and you'll join us all !

Auntie Belly


  1. Thanks Belly!! I love this letter and one day Sean will too!


  2. That was so sweet and true!

    I love my house full of boys!