Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mark's Dreaming of a PINK Christmas...

Tonight's after-dinner conversation:

Matthew: Daddy! Mummy's making a Christmas Wish List. What do you want from Santa?
Mark: A d-a-u-g-h-t-e-r
Luke: A dog?
Liz: Ha! No way, buster. Uh uh.
Matthew: What does he want, Mummy?
Liz: A daughter. Ha!
Matthew: A daughter?
Luke: A girl?
Mark: I have two boys. Don't you think a little girl would be a great addition to our family?
Liz: (telepathically, to Mark): You. are. insane.
Matthew: A sister?
Liz: A sister for you and Luke. Would you like a sister?
Matthew: Uh...not really. I like being just Matthew and Luke.
Liz: Me too, Matthew. I don't want another baby, either.
Luke: No sisters. No babies.

Poor Mark. Another dream, dashed.

To Matthew, I whispered, "Tell you what, though. We can buy Daddy a baby dolly - a girl one. And that can be his daughter, OK?"

Matthew (laughing uproariously): Okay, Mummy! Let's buy Daddy a daughter!

"Welcome Home, Baby Emily"
An Ashton-Drake Doll

So, to the McLennan Christmas Wish List, I added two things:

1. Baby Girl Dolly
2. Vasectomy

Guess it's true, what the sign on our wall says:

"Remember, as far as anyone knows, we're a nice, normal family..."

Sigh. More fodder for the therapists, I say.

And you? What sort of crazy stuff is your family up to, these days?


  1. That was awesome! Although, a little red headed girl would be adorable....

  2. Hilarious. I have that sign as a magnet on our fridge. I kid you not...

  3. Not vasectomies, that's for sure...

  4. You can delete the “Baby Girl Doll” off of the list! The other item is...well...negotiable. But wouldn’t a nice curly redheaded daughter be nice? Mark, Matthew, Luke and Johnette (Johna maybe?) sounds.... oh yeah, and Liz... sounds just right.


  5. I'm with "Husband", but I'd rethink the name;). A little redheaded girl would make a nice addition...he does know that there is a 50% chance you'd get a 3rd redheaded boy though right?

  6. Dear Back up: If you have come up with a new way to guarantee the gender of your child at conception, I say go for it. Because that my friend, is a million dollar discovery.

    Love, Dolphin

  7. I'd love for you to have a wonderful little girl. But as was said above - 50/50 chance. Could end up with a Thomas instead of Tomasina.

  8. Well actually, there are recipes that you can find for making the gender you want. My parents made use of the recipe for a boy after having two girls.