Friday, December 16, 2011

Tale of Two Sickies

The Reds have been felled by the 'flu. Here's the whole stinkin' mess, as posted on Facebook

Wednesday evening, having written my last exam:

Thursday morning, having been woken by Matthew shortly after midnight:

And then Luke woke up, crying and complaining of stomach pain:

 By late afternoon, we were all miserable:

Later that evening, blessedly alone and wishing for Baileys:

 Sigh. Even when they're sick, they make me snort-giggle:

Apparently I get a teensy bit twitchy when my kids are sick:

And finally....wait for know this one's coming......

 Apparently, I also get sick when my kids get sick:

And you? How do you deal with sick kids?
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  1. Out of curiosity, how long does this stomach bug last? My girl woke up puking this morning.. didn't eat anything all day.. ate dinner, and has now spent a while sitting on the toilet. Ugh. Hope everyone is on the mend in your house!

  2. Oh, Shannon...sorry to read your news. Matthew started throwing up around 1 a.m., Thursday morning. Luke woke up puking around 7 or so....

    I'll let you know when it's all over. Please God, let it be tomorrow....

  3. Liz! I, too, have been afflicted. Though it is not the stomach bug, I have %100 laryngitis and apparently there are trolls with knives residing in my throat. I can't believe you managed to post!

    I hope whatever it is passes quickly.

    Just in case you might want to spray everyone's mouths with Lysol. I mean, if they are asking nd all...

  4. It's going around! Apparently, all over the map! From Canada to NY....Kansas to California...wave your barf buckets in the air! carried away and started rapping. LOL It's hit here too, although my family has YET to get it. But I'm counting the seconds.

    Hope you are all feeling so much better very soon!!

  5. Here are the three golden rules of parenting as I see them.

    1. Never underestimate your children and their abilities.
    2. Always have a back up plan.
    3. Never have fewer buckets than you have children.