Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Darling Mum,

If ever two women were destined to be mother and daughter, it's you and me. You are the mother of my heart and my first and best kindred spirit. God certainly knew what he was doing when he picked me for you, and you for me.

I love you, Mum. Your wisdom and compassion are only part of what make you great. Without your support and encouragement and willingness to listen to me, ad nauseum, I'm not sure my marriage would still be intact. Thank you for that.

You inspire me - I want to be and do more than I am, because you've paved the way, and shown that anything is possible. That you're still discovering innate talent, long after most people have settled into golf and bridge, is typical - you are FULL of surprises and it's a delight to watch you come into yourself, again and again.

I hope that I can raise my own children with as much grace and kindness. I hope that I will find the perfect words, like you always seem to, and that I will be the place of solace that you've always been for me. I want my children to think of me and smile fondly, the way I do when I think of you.

I wish I'd told you more often how proud I am to be your daughter. Wish I'd hugged you more, hung on longer when I did. Now, as I watch you snuggle and kiss my boys, my heart is full. They are so, so lucky to have such an awesome Nanny. Their tiny faces light up at the sight of you - no wonder, since you make such an enthusiastic playmate and always have time for "one more" story.

Thank you for all of it, Mum. I am blessed to call you mine and feel utterly privileged to be your best friend. Because you are certainly mine and I love you completely. With all that I am - your daughter and the one who loves you most.

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