Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honour thy father...

Dear Dad,

I love you, Dad. Today is about the public declaration of that, but really, I adore you every day. Since becoming a mother, I love you even more, it seems. I recognize, for the first time in many cases, what an incredible father you truly are.

Thank you for your wisdom and gentle, soft-spoken compassion. You are my steady rock in a sea of conflict, my touchstone when I need a little bit of "home" and always, always beloved.

"This too shall pass!" has become my very own mantra, learned at your knee, absorbed over the years. Thank you for the reminders and the love that goes along with them.

I have such fond memories of travelling to the Muskokas with you, every summer, usually on your birthday. How we'd sit for ages without talking - and then YOU'D sit for another age, listening to me babble. Funny, that hasn't changed much, eh?

Thank you for being such a loving and wonderful Papa to my boys. Matthew delights in your company and for good reason - you lead by fine example and always include him in your adventures - a trip to the zoo or simply filling a birdfeeder. It thrills me that he and Luke have many more adventures and special times with Papa to look forward to.

Thank for nightcaps and long chats into the night. For staying up too late, and being forced up far, far too early. For good laughs and great advice. For being my friend, my confidant and the kindest man I know.

I am proud and blessed to be your daughter. Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

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