Friday, July 4, 2008

One of those days!

It's not even 9:00 here, and this is how the morning has gone:

"Good Morning, Matthew!"

"Where's Daddy? Daddy's here? Is Daddy herrreeeeeeeeee???" (whiny-verging-on-tears-voice)

*insert rolling eyes here*

"Good Morning, Luke!"


*insert expletive here*

Since then, I have been nothing but a nag. A shrew. A screeching banshee of a parent and I am ashamed. But, these children. They've pushed me to the brink:

Matthew! Don't push your brother. Luke, don't eat that, it's not food. Luke, spit that out! Spit. It. OUT, Luke! Matthew, don't bonk your brother, play nicely. He's just a baby and he just wants to play with you. LUKE! Don't bonk your brother, that's not nice.

Matthew, close the door. Matthew, put your underwear back on. I'm trying to pee. No you can't watch. Matthew, leave the toilet paper alone, please, I don't want to tell you again. Matthew! Leave the toilet paper alone, please. What did I just say? Luke, toilet paper is NOT for eating.

Luke, come away please...away from Daddy's CD's please. These are not toys, Luke. Luke! Do NOT eat the CD's. They are not food. No, Matthew, please don't climb on the couch. GET DOWN! Don't climb on the chair, either. Geez, Matthew...what did I just say?


Matthew: "Mummy, we go see Daddy at work?"

Me: "No, sweetheart, we can't see Daddy at work. He'll be home after supper. We'll see him then, ok?"

Luke: "Daga?"

Matthew: "I wanna see Daddy! I wanna see Daddddddddyyy at wwwwooorrrrrrrrrkkk!!" (whiny-verge-of-crying-voice)


One of those days.


  1. Oy! Bless your heart! You took your pain and made me smile! :D Hope you got a moment to yourself today, love!

  2. AWW, that sounds like a rough day. I find we are having more and more days like that too. So take comfort, I am in misery with you!! I swear if these kids weren't so darn cute we could send them to the zoo. Of course, we would miss them the minute they left.

  3. Those days are so tough. Try to remember the cute moments when they push you to the edge. *hugs