Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weighty Thoughts...

Hello. My name is Bellymonster and I am fat.

I'm not sure how it happened, precisely. I was thin all through high school. Gained a few pounds while at uni, but I blame it on beer and crap food. Took it off, put it on, took it off....

Kept it on. Got married, not at my ideal weight, but have successfully managed to outweigh my husband for our entire married life, thus far. Successfully may not be the right word.

Two children, no exercise to speak of (it's a shame that vaccuming and endless rounds of dishes don't count for more, isn't it?) and here I am: 35. Fat.

I'm in here, somewhere. Under these layers. MUST. BREAK. FREE.


Weight Watchers it is. The real-life meetings, for accountability's sake. If I only had to plug numbers and food into the internet, I'd lie. Sad, but true.

Am sorta looking forward to it. Am sorta scared outta my tree, because this means I'm admitting that I am fat and need help.

Blogging this will help me be accountable, too. A newer, slimmer, HAPPIER Bellymonster: coming soon.


  1. Awesome- you can do it and you'll be happier once you've reached those goals! You rock!

  2. Happiness is a frame of mind and you look great as is :)

    But you can reach your goal and you are going to be an inspiration.

  3. How fitting that I just blogged about running tonight so I won't look Shrek-like in a bathing suit this summer (from the girl who ate four hotdogs for dinner). I have a hard time being accountable for what I stuff in my gaping maw.

    Good luck! You can do this!