Friday, August 7, 2009

Life in Therapy?

Just a few snippets of life with the Reds at the mo'


I think I have traumatized Luke. The day before yesterday, I asked the boys to clean up their toys, strewn all over the living room. After two reminders, they began, but got distracted. I warned them that if the toys didn't get picked up, I'd put them in a box, in the car and they'd be given to children who WOULD pick them up.

I make dinner, they wander off. So, before I called them to the table, I put all the toys in a box and put the box in the car. WELL. All hell broke loose at the dinner table and Matthew WAILED about those darned toys for 1/2 hour. I sent him to his room - he wailed. On and on and on and on...
Finally, he got that I wasn't listening/retrieving the toys and stopped wailing. Mentioned it every, oh, 10 minutes until bedtime, but I remained steadfast. Told him at bedtime that we could talk about the toys after breakfast.

Next morning, shovelling cereal into his mouth, Matthew asked if I was still going to give the toys away. I said that I would let the boys keep them but ONLY if when asked, they picked up.

This afternoon after nap, groggy Luke suddenly started WAILING and rushing about, madly picking up toys. Shoes. He even fixed the rug, often askew.
And waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllled the entire time.

Poor kid. I sense some therapy in his future...


"Mummy, how did Uncle Andrew get to Heaven, high in the sky?"
"Mummy, I think I see God's eyes looking at me. They're red eyes. Are Uncle Andrew's eyes red, too? What colour are angels?"
"Hey, GOD!!!! It's me - Matthew!! Can you hear me way up there?" This said outside this evening, as we watched clouds after dinner. I could have wept, so awesome was the moment.

Me: Matthew, do you know that I love you?
Matthew: Yes. You love me soooo much!
Me: And I'm so proud to be your Mummy.
Matthew: I'm proud to be your son, Mummy. I'm proud of you. Thank you for not using your naughty tone today.

Poor kid. I sense some therapy in his future...

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