Friday, November 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We bought a house!

*Does Happy-Dance, while seated at computer, not caring how stupid I look!*

Not only did we buy it, we practically TOOK it, so low was the asking price. Never thought we'd be able to buy again so soon, given our debt load and the price of houses in our area.

But, where there's a will (and access to MLS) there's a house and it's alllllllll ours!!

We move in February, although there is some talk of moving the close date to January, so we'll see.

I am happy. Mark is happy. The kids have dubbed it our "new forever house" and they wave as we walk past it on our way to and from Matthew's school. (ummm...and the other 3,452 times I've made the kids walk by and wave....)

So, goodbye rent and paying into someone else's nest egg. Hellllloo, equity-building HOME.
No doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should.


*** Close date is now January 25th! Happy New Year to us! ***

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