Monday, December 20, 2010

Letters to God...

Matthew: Mummy, after we die, do we get to be someone else?
Me: I don't know, Matthew. What do you think?
Matthew: I think I'll come back as someone else after I die. Just once more, though. Will you be my Mummy?
Me: I would LOVE to be your Mummy again. Do you think we get to choose?
Matthew: I don't know. Let's ask God. If we ask nicely, I bet He'll say yes.

Dear God,
Please let me be Matthew's Mummy next time, too. I promise that there will be less yelling. I have so much to learn and he has so much to teach me - I think we're gonna need another lifetime together.

Every day, this  incredible little boy forgives me for all the things that I am not. And every day - every, single day - he shows me who I want to be.

Thank you, Matthew, for choosing me.



  1. I'm sitting at work with eyes full of unshed tears. What an amazing treasure you have, Belly. <3

  2. I know it. He's such a sensitive little soul, isn't he? Like I said to my parents today, "It's like, sometimes when he looks a certain way, or says something wise like this, I swear I see God, peeking out at me."

    Their response: "You do. He is."

    Pretty much sums up how awesome a gift our children truly are. Little pieces of God, wrapped up.