Saturday, April 16, 2011

Children Left Unattended...

Dear Johnson and Johnson Inc.,

I thought my youngest son could be trusted to simply change his own pants after his pee refused - yet again - to listen.

I was wrong.

When he came back downstairs, pantless but grinning, I knew something was amiss.

It was THIS:

In case you're wondering, it takes one 3-year-old boy approximately four minutes to spritz an entire room with Johnson's Baby Powder.

It will take this 30-something mother approximately four HOURS to vaccumn it all up and put things back to right.

My second floor, however, smells as fresh as a newborn baby's bum.

Thanks for that.

Yours truly,
Luke's Mama


  1. Well, it's a good excuse to vacuum. (Feel free to hit me now).

    Vivian and William once smeared an entire tin of Penaten Diaper Cream onto our carpet. Let me tell you: that stuff is water insoluble.

    Happy cleaning (world's biggest oxymoron)

  2. *Kicking Ironic Mom's ass from afar!*

    The job's half done, but I've lost the light, so will finish tomorrow.

    LOL at Penaten Cream. My brother did that with poop. He's actually lucky that he lived as long as he did!

  3. That is quite the mess! Cute little redhead.

    My nephew once covered his entire body in white diaper cream.

    p.s. I am glad your poopy brother is still living ;)

  4. Thanks - I dig the Reds, too!

    Sadly, my brother died two years ago, but I'd lay bets he was up there, laughing his HEAD off, watching Luke.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had these gigantic messes to clean up. One day I'll tell you about the poo that Kissy drove a monster truck through...while his sister looked on and laughed or the Hello Kitty blush that he painted with. Boys. Shesh.

  6. OMG, That is too funny! I can imagine he had a blast squeezing out the puffs of white dust everywhere!

  7. Oh boy! What a mess!

    *I'm sorry for laughing my butt off while reading*

  8. It's hilarious, isn't it? It would be even funnier if it weren't ME that does the cleaning up around here, but with boys is never boring.

    Glad you all got a good giggle!