Saturday, August 27, 2011

Four Days Without the Internet - How I Survived It!

This week, by the numbers:

1. Successful shopping for "back to school" clothes. Me + my mum + her charge card = One VERY happy and nattily-dressed Bellymonster.

2. Times Luke peed through the bedsheets at my parents' house.

3. Needles I received in order to start school in September. Ouch!

4. Days I've been without a working computer, courtesy of a busted video card. Or so my husband claims. I think he's been surfing by questionable sites, but he claims not....either way, four days with NOT 'net was harder than I imagined, until suddenly, it wasn't.

5. Loads of laundry I washed, sorted and put away at the beginning of the week. Go, me!

6. Loads of laundry I REwashed, REsorted and added to because Mark discovered that I'd been "washing" everything in fabric softener, not detergent. Yes, I AM a domestic goddess. I'm just not a smart one!

7. Times I have decided upon and then cancelled plans for the Reds' birthday party. How the HECK did time get away from me like this and how do I claw some back?

8. Times Luke used the phrase, "Mummy, stop it. You're freakin' me out!" when I leaned into kiss him goodnight.

9. Times I have said, "I am grieving the loss of these halcyon days," when asked how I feel about the Reds both being in school next week.

10. Days until Luke starts school (note to self: step up the potty-training efforts, slacker!) and I do, too.

And you? How has your week been, by the numbers?


  1. I LOL'd at the fabric softener. Awesomesauce.

    2 - the number of days per week I will be working
    12 - weeks I've spent nearly every waking (and sleeping) moment right next to my baby (plus 37 weeks inside)
    4 - how many glasses of wine I will consume each night to get through my first week back to work

    (hugs on the back to school frenzy for you and yours!)

  2. Fabric Softener? Hahahahahahahaha. That deserves a Bailey's. And a bottle of wine for me while I commiserate with you.
    My weekend has been awesome for getting stuff done! Crafty Lady in the house!

    1. new colour Canon Printer (total score at Future Shop for $10.00!) set up to print pics for Abby to take to school - some project the teacher wants to do with them.

    2. items sewed for Abby's new school: A comforter cover, and a matching pillowcase for nap time. ('Cause I am just that cool)

    3. coats of clear gloss Varathane polyurethane on Lolo's new vanity. Now just wait a week for it to cure, and then she can play!

    4. loads of laundry so far. Although I have not folded any, nor put any away.

    5. times I had to re-put Lolo back to sleep.

    Of course there was the usual week's worth of Mommy awesomeness. My kids are fed, and relatively clean. And thankfully asleep.


  3. 5: Number of days I've been at work.
    2: Number of days I've taught students.
    2: Glasses of wine I had with Trish tonight.

  4. This explains where you've been! I tweeted you the other night because I felt like it had been forever since I'd heard anything about you. Who knew forever was four days. LOL

  5. So nice to be missed, flailing as I was, under all that soft, great-smelling though unclean laundry! LOL!

    The rest of you have all been so productive - wow! Stacey, if ever you feel the urge to powersand and varnish my kitchen table, it's all yours!

    Happy "getting back to school" vibes to all of you and thanks for popping by!