Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quinte's Biggest Loser 2012 is Gonna Be....


Yep. This is IT, dear readers....

I'm putting all of me (and there's far too much of me, these days) out there and have registered to participate in Quinte's Biggest Loser, a fundraising initiative from Belleville General Hospital Foundation.

I am excited. And nervous. But I have been steadily gaining weight for years and Luke calls me "Squishy."

I hate squishy.

So, beginning Monday, January 9th, I will be working these squishy bits off and making changes that ought to have been made long ago. The Reds deserve a mummy who can keep up and show them - not just tell them - how important it is to stay active and healthy.

If you're so inclined, please consider sponsoring me - it's a great cause and every donation is tax-deductible. Here's the link to my personal page:

If donations aren't your thing, please consider leaving encouraging comments below. While I am SUPER good at starting things, I am not so great at staying motivated, so I need all the help I can get!

Better yet, JOIN IN! How lovely it would be to have you along for this awesome ride!


  1. I love it! All the best on your great journey. We at the Foundation are very excited to have you participate. I look forward to following your goals as they are met!

  2. That's fantastic!! Go, girl, go! I'm here to cheer you on. If you want to follow my health journey at my health blog, it's I've found that the more I tell others about my journey, the more accountable I am.
    So excited for you!

  3. You know you've got my full support, love! If you have questions or just need someone to virtually slap ya on the ass when you're feeling demotivated, I'm here :) Love you and so proud of you for this!

  4. Thanks Jenn (Foundation Lady) so looking forward to meeting you and getting started!

    Annie - you rock for doing this! Am totally heading over to check out the site. I'm excited for you, too!

  5. Darling Karen, your support and love mean so much to me. Thanks for believing in me as well as you do!

  6. Liz, I'm sponsoring (and maybe even joining you).

    Go (soon to be non-existent) Belly!!! You can do it.

    P.S. I'm also gonna put that cool awesome icon you granted me onto my blog when I figure out how to do so.

    oxo Pam

  7. Hi Liz, did you and I meet this morning at the nutrition class? If so, it was great talking to you! Good luck on your journey!


  8. I wish you the best of Luck. I too joined and need lots of encouragement. We can do this and we Will do it.. hope to maybe meet you today. at weigh in.

  9. Go, Liz, go!
    We're cheering and praying for you!

  10. Way to go Liz! All the best for your goals!

  11. you know who to call if you want to do a free spin class or core class.

  12. I'm here to cheer you on. You didn't say what your goal is, but how about you tell me and WHEN you get there, I make a donation. How's that for an incentive? I think this is wonderful.

  13. Hi Liz, I'm sure you'll do amazing!! Keep it up!