Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Gift of Laughter

May 19th. It's a gorgeous day. Blue, practically cloudless skies, warm sunshine...perfect for a birthday celebration.

Today is  my brother's birthday - had he lived, he'd be turning 34.


Time heals, until days like today, when remembering the best of who he was makes me ache with missing him and all the milestone moments that made up our lives.

If he were still here, we'd be gathering under these blue skies, to hang about my parents' back deck, drinking beer and waiting for Andrew to make us laugh.

Even without using words, he was hilarious:

Here, my parents had just purchased a new camera/video recorder/player/BBQ/telephone and we all took turns trying to make it work. When Andrew's turn came, he was overly-confident, so it amused us all enormously to watch him puzzle through:

"Let's see....I look through here, focus..."

"I got this. Ha! I got this....!"

"Wait a sec...maybe I don't got this...I'll just turn this knob..."



Shit, they're all watching me. Was that a camera? Is Mark taking pictures of me?
That jerk. I'll get him....take THAT!

We never did work that camera out, actually. But oh God, how we laughed.

This week, I found these photos - and laughed even harder, right before I burst into tears. And then I thanked my brother for the gift of them, so close to his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Bamboo!

 I love you.


  1. Such a beautiful remembrance. You can see his playful spirit. No wonder you adored him.

    Also, he was totally hot. Just sayin'.

    You never mentioned that.

  2. He was hot...I'm sure he's up there, puffed with pleasure that you think so, too. He was stupid strong, too. And clearly,funny.

    Thanks for popping over, pet.