Monday, June 18, 2012

Capturing History

I have approximately 452, 000 photos stored on my computer.

Admittedly, most of them are pictures of the Reds -  some are awesome, others awful and some, just crack me up, so I keep 'em. (The photos and the children, actually)

Today, I'm gonna upload 'em here (the photos, not the children) because it's hot, because I'm lazy and because I think the world (or at least my overseas relatives, who promised me they'd read my blog) might enjoy a peek - literally - into our world.


Before bed, sweetness and light:

After lights out, the goofball antics continued, so this Mama stomped disapprovingly up the stairs.

Was greeted by this:

Snorted with laughter and caught this:

Cute, right? It's a good thing they are, or else they'd spend a lot more of time plastered to the wall with duct tape.

Still and all, I can't complain, because life with these two is rarely boring. Case in point, the Reds got haircuts recently, so I asked them to smile for the camera. This is what I got:

Sigh. Too cool for this mama, for sure.

Speaking of cool, this is what they look like when they go all stern and gangsta on me, whilst baking cakes:

Thumbs-up and all! (No he did not learn that from Daniel Cook, thankyouverymuch..erm...but I can see why you'd make that leap...dang.....)

And finally, photographic evidence that the Reds never had a chance, genetically-speaking. In a good way, I mean. That devilish grin of Luke's and the gorgeous, serious eyes that fill Matthew's face have both been worn before - by their grandfather and great-uncle, respectively.

Two generations later:

As I've recently begun compiling family photos, these sorts of comparisons are inevitable. I thought I should give you fair warning, dear readers. Adopted people are weird about looking like someone other than ourselves...

In the meanwhile, thanks for sharing these moments with me and the Reds - they (these moments and the Reds) are the best of every day, 'round here.

And you?
 Obsess much about who you look like?
Think Matthew is WAY cuter than Daniel Cook?
Add your two cents below:


  1. Great picturs of the Reds.

    1. Thanks, Mama! I pretty much dig 'em. The pictures AND the Reds!


  2. Replies
    1. Now all I need are a few more of your husband, my OTHER favourite McLennan, and I'll be all set!


  3. Replies
    1. *Snorts*

      You cannot be from Ontario and NOT know Daniel Cook, Larry. You're singing the theme song now, aren't you?

      This is Daniel Cook, on a bike, in a plane
      On a farm, playing games...

  4. I would like to cover Daniel Cook in honey and tie him to an ant hill, so I should say that your boys are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter! That's just my opinion. (Can you guess I'm not a big Daniel Cook fan?)

  5. When I reread the above post it sounded a bit mean spirited. I think I am just Daniel Cooked out. My kids are huge fans of the show.

  6. Wow they really do resemble their grandfather and great uncle don't they? So cool. Mz :)