Sunday, February 24, 2013

By God's Grace...

Grace is 8 and is one of the sweetest kids I know. Recently, she wrote a letter to Jesus and drew Him some pictures.

Janet, Gracie's mum, asked me to write back, as Gracie would recognize her parents' handwriting. I agreed happily, despite the weirdness of "playing God"....

Dear Jesus,

Hi! It's me, Grace and right now I am anywere. I could be at my home, at the grocery store. And I just need to tell you somthing. I just wanna go to church to listen to Father Whalen and to go downstairs and to see Father Whalen and to to say hi to him and Im sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry about that. Please forgive me.

 Please write back soon and that is all I ask from you in return.

And thank you for everything.

Oh and can you say Hi to Papa M., Uncle John, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

And my tooth is out and it's a top one.

You are the Best ever.

Grace M.

Dear Grace,

I love receiving letters - thank you, Grace, for yours.

 It pleases me very much that you enjoy going to church and listening to Father Whalen. I like listening to him as well. I also like listening in on your lessons at the Good Shepherd program during Mass - it makes My heart happy, hearing children learn about My love.

I'll tell you a secret, shall I, Grace? For as long as you live, I will always love you. I will forgive you anything, as long as you're really and truly feeling bad about it. So don't worry about making mistakes - they help us all to learn, don't they?

I have passed your "Hello!" to Papa M, Uncle John and your Great-Grandparents. They send their love back to you and want to tell you that you are often in their loving thoughts. Papa M wanted me to tell you that he loves your singing best of all and hearing it makes him smile.

A tooth out is very exciting, indeed! It's another sign of growing up, isn't it? What a pleasure it will be to continue to watch you grow into yourself and discover the incredible beauty of the world.

Who do you think you'll be, when you've grown? I have an idea, but I'll keep it to Myself for now. It's such fun, watching people figure it all out for themselves!

Would you like to know another secret? Of all the people in the world, you are My favourite. When you're feeling hurt or doubtful or you just need a happy thought, you remember that, OK?

I love you, sweet Grace. Please write again, soon.


And you, dear reader?
What would you like God to know?
What would you like to hear from Him?


  1. Hi Liz: Your response to Grace is beautiful and what many people spend a lifetime yearning to hear - "you are loved no matter what". I hope she will always remember that. I am a bit puzzled about why she is sorry about wanting to see Father Whalen. Enjoy the break week! Colleen

  2. Thanks, Colleen. I think that's what it all boils down to: You are loved. You matter. I forgive you. You are precious to me.

    I have no idea what she was apologizing for, either, though I imagine it was something like "I know I should have been listening instead of wanting to talk to Fr. Whalen," or "Sorry to only want to attend Mass so I can see and chat with Fr. Whalen..."

    She is as cute as a button and her heart matches her smile.