Sunday, March 2, 2008

Adventures in Boob Land

So, this morning, the leprechauns and I went to our favourite "Play Place." We're regular visitors to this awesome play area for the under-5 set. The two women who own and run it are friendly and welcoming to everyone - mums and kids alike.

It was fairly quiet - mums chatting easily, kids sharing snacks, everyone relaxed. In comes a Dad with his daughter and a woman I can only assume was his wife, mother of girl. Dad and the mums began chatting about work and schooling - exchanged info, advice. You know - standard play place stuff.

Also standard stuff = Luke needs to eat. I grabbed a pillow for comfort and settled back on the couch to nurse - I had a receiving blanket ready to cover, but truthfully, I'm pretty considerate about NOT exposing my boobs unnecessarily. Besides which, it's a venue specifically geared to children under 5. Stands to reason that SOME of those little people might be nursing.

Anyhow....little girl came over while Dad revealed that she loves babies. When he realized that I was nursing, he tugged his daughter back. "It's ok, she can see," I said, not for one second thinking I was doing anything offensive.

"NO!" snapped reeking-of-cigarette-smoke Mum, who had been hunching on the settee next to me. "She doesn't need to see that. And neither do I!"

And marched out the door.

Well, holy SHIT! I was so embarrassed and shocked, I couldn't even look up. Just focused on darling Luke's sweet little cherub face and willed my own not to turn ten shades of red.

E, the owner, apologized and another mum wandered over to commiserate. I sat, oddly shaken and sort of disoriented. It's the first time I've faced any sort of negativity about nursing and frankly, I was utterly unprepared for it, especially at a play group.

Eventually, She-of-Witchy-Ways returned, but made every effort to avoid being near me - which was sort of funny, and a lot pathetic. If I'd been feeling braver, I might have said something, but alas, all my witty words came to me later, during the car ride home. (Ain't that always the way?)

Chatting with another mum, while packing up my sleepy boys, I happened to glance up and caught the tail end of a vicious look from the Witch.

Seriously, what the HELL is that about? I've never seen this woman before - her husband's the one who brings their little girl to play most often - and here she is, staring daggers at ME for feeding my child.

Am off to find a "Breastfeeding-Friendly" sticker for my forehead. Crazy Witches-with-Issues NOT welcome.



  1. ARGH! Some people are so stupid. I've never had a bad comment but believe me they would get an earful if someone said something to me. Sorry that happened Liz.

  2. What a HORRIBLE wench. I will never for get the time I was outside walmart with Ryan sitting on a bench {it was his break and he worked at the portrait studio} and some trashy 40-something walked by us and said, "Ugh that's disGUSTing!" I said, "excuse me, I'm feeding my son, he's hungry." then she had the audacity to say, "then go in the bathroom. We don't need to see that." I whipped around and said, "I bet *you* don't go to the bathroom when *you* want to eat and neither will my son. If you don't like it, don't look."

    She huffed off but I was FUMING! How dare these people?!

  3. The only negative comments I have gotten have been from family. Of course after nursing 4 of them, I could personally care less wha someone else's attittude is.

    I'm sorry some woman had to be catty with you and make you feel bad. Shrug it off my dear and remember "this too shall pass." Oh and that karma is a bitch and she will get her own.

  4. That's horrible!! What ignorance and utter stupidity. Some people need to get a clue.

  5. I can't even believe the nerve of some people. That just makes me so angry!!

  6. Some people are just narrow minded ass clowns. You are an amazing mom.