Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Leprechaun Goodness


Matthew's having a bit of a sleep-in this morning, as he was up for HOURS in the night. That leaves me and Lukey to fend for ourselves. As I chatted to him about getting cereal and going upstairs, I actually listened to his responses and I'll be damned if my li'l Menace isn't talking up a storm:
Me: Ok, Lukey, cereal and banana for breakfast?
Luke: Ananananan Me: Cheerios? Luke: Cheeeeeeeessseeeoooo
Me: Let's go upstairs then, shall we? It's warmer up there.
Luke: Uppy, uppy, uppy (as he hauls himself up the stairs, banana in hand)
Me: Can you close the door behind me, Luke?
Luke: Door! (Slams door)
Luke spies his juice cup, waiting to be filled with water and starts doing that impatient, shrieky toddler dance: "Dusss, Duuuusssss!"
And just now, I handed him his shoes and asked him to put them on the shoe shelf. So he sat down and tried to put one on his foot, mumbling, "Choo....choooo!"

He also says: What's dat, Who dat and Bye bye, love you!

Negligent mother that I am, I hadn't realized until JUST NOW that my little baby is talking. In words. REAL words.



Saturday morning, woke up to Matthew stroking my face: "Mummy! It's our special day - get up!"
So, fed boys, fed Mark coffee and Matthew and I hit the road. Went to the mall, which under normal circumstance would be a nightmare, but it was just the two of us and we had a ball!
All he cared about was playing on the "ice cream truck" (one of those rides - he doesn't want it turned on, just plays in it) and play with Thomas the Train at the bookstore.

Got my eyebrows waxed ("Mummy, you look pretty!" ) and had a muffin at the food court, making up stories about strangers. This kid, he gets him!

We held hands the WHOLE day and then, went to the movies!! Saw Madagascar II, held hands and ate popcorn. Midway through, he leaned his head on my shoulder, so I hoisted him onto my lap....bliss.

Luke and Daddy had a fab day at home, which was an added bonus. As we came through the door, Luke came rushing over, arms out. Double bliss!

Matthew asked me today if we can have another "Special Day" soon - yay!!

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  1. Funny...when I get my eyebrows waxed I get "mummy, your forhead is REALLY red." :)