Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Spirit of the Season...

is actually a Leprechaun called Matthew!

We got our tree tonight - a small one, dropped off just before dinner. MUCH excitement from Matthew, and Luke just ran around babbling, happily oblivious, whacking things with his hockey stick.

Later, as I settled Luke into sleep, Matthew and Mark headed to the farm to get our "Christmas Box", stored in the shed since last year. Came home, red-cheeked and "crunchy-coated" from being outside in the frigid air.

While Daddy strung the lights, Matthew and I gleefully unpacked the ornaments - if I wasn't really in the Christmas mood before, I sure am now! Matthew oohed and ahhed over every last piece - "his" ornaments from the year of his birth, the one from our wedding, the ugly ones, the pretty angels, all of 'em.

And finally as we stood back to admire the lights blazing, balls dangling and stars shining in the glow, I looked over at my beloved son's face and almost wept. There, in eyes bright with excitement, the magic of the season glistened.

Christmas really is a magical time and this year, I have two, joyfully magical little imps to share this time, these moments. Sigh.

Life is good and I am very, very blessed, indeed.

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