Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother!

Wrapped up in my own angst about Matthew starting kindergarten, I forgot to consider Luke.

Wee, chortling, do-whatever-Matthew-does Luke.

This morning, when Matthew took his teacher's hand and tossed a cheery, "Bye, Mummy!" over his shoulder, Luke started to cry. Baffled, he twisted around in his stroller to stutter, "Where's Maffew? Where's Maffew, Mummy?"


All the way home, trudging up Victoria in the cool morning sunshine, he sniffled and repeated his brother's name. Being me, I joined him in the sniffling bit and together we made our way home without Matthew, one of only a handful of times we've been anywhere NOT as a threesome.

Luke cried at playgroup too, when he realized that I was heading to another room to seek the kind of support only a roomful of other Mums can provide (and cookies) and that he was once again, without his brother.

He did rally though and we both spent a fun morning. After lunch, I packed him into the car, expecting him to fall asleep. Nope.

"Lukey, it's time for nap now, sweetheart."

"No nap, Mummy. Me no nap!" Luke crossed his arms, resolute. "We go Maffew?"

Cra-ck went my heart.

"We'll get Matthew at 2:30, bug. AFTER nap."

"Hmph!" More emphatic arm-crossing, with a pouty lip for good measure.

Li'l boog didn't nap. He fell a bunch and whined a bit, but he did.not.nap. Until I popped him in the stroller for the journey back to school. And out he went.

By 3, we were home again, all three. Matthew hurled himself onto the couch with his precious gucky (soother) and promptly fell asleep, while I pulled sleeping Luke from his stroller, thinking I'd tiptoe him upstairs for an hour or so.

But, as soon as I stepped through the door, his eyes popped open: "Maffew! Maffew?" and he lurched in my arms, head turning every which way until he spied his brother. MATTHEW! Big grins and wriggles for down - he raced over and stood, just grinning.

About 1/2 hour later, I wandered into the family room with a snack for my sleep-deprived, but happy youngest and witnessed a most tender scene:

Matthew's gucky had fallen from his mouth and Luke was ever so carefully, gently-gently easing the gucky back into Matthew's mouth. Done, he gave Matthew's forehead a soft pat and settled himself down on the floor nearby. He would wait.


Life with Leprechauns doesn't get any more perfect than that. I am blessed, indeed.

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  1. I'm telling you, woman, if you can't make it as an author, then nobody can! What a way with words you have. I felt like I was right there with you watching this scene play out.
    I love how sweet Luke was to Matthew.