Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Because It's Tuesday...

Today, we are being lazy. By "we" I mean, me. The Reds will simply play until I tell them it's time to get dressed or put away their toys or find their outdoor shoes or get in the car.

Today, I haven't told them to do anything except sit down for morning snack - popcorn - and to please stop driving their cars down the staircase as the "plonk!" of them landing was getting on my nerves.

We are still in our pyjamas and housecoats. No one has brushed their teeth and I don't remember changing Luke's diaper. The breakfast dishes are still on the counter, unwashed, not stacked. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded and I really should get to organzing the desk drawers.

If I were to wander upstairs, I would likely stumble over laundry baskets filled with clean and folded clothing. I might find that the toilet paper roll needs replacing and that there are globs of toothpaste on the mirror, courtesy of last night's "Toothpaste Spitting War."

I have managed to pay the phone bill, but only because I could do so online. Ditto correspondence to long-losts and my cousins in Holland.

The toys that the boys received for their birthdays are presently scattered from the back kitchen door all the way to the front stairs and I don't care. Not. One. Bit.

Because today? Today is perfect, just as it is. Later, I will tidy and clean and nag the Reds to get dressed and cleaned up. Maybe I'll take a bath with a good book.

But for now, I will wallow in this idleness and love every. single. minute.

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