Saturday, October 30, 2010

Parenting Milestones via Facebook...

My good friend, A has a teenage daughter. J is lovely - sweet, pretty, smart, sassy...everything I wanted to be but wasn't and everything I'd want in a daughter. In fact, I'd scoop up all of  A's teenaged daughters (two and an almost-teen) because I think they're that awesome.

That said, J. has just announced via Facebook, that she has a boyfriend. (Like her sister, who is also newly-arrived at this milestone)

This is what her wall looked like this morning, after her father, Rob stumbled across this new development:

Relationship status: Juliana is in a relationship with Hayden.

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Rob: umm what???
Juliana  what what???
Rob: u 2 ???
Juliana: yeeeeeees
Rob: uggh

Made my whole day!

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