Monday, November 22, 2010

Operation No-Yell: Day ONE


Have just tucked two tired boys into bed and not a moment too soon. I could feel my patience - such as it is - slipping away during supper, when Luke had to be put into Time-Out FOUR times for calling his brother "Stupid!" and hitting.

The tired is etched on his face, though, so I did manage to cut him some slack and not yell once.

That is, I didn't yell once ALL DAY LONG!

Not this morning whilst hustling their dawdling bodies out the door. Not even when Matthew forgot his lunch bag and I had to come home again.

I kept my cool and WOW, what a better, easier, so-much-nicer way to begin the day!

I wanted to holler at them and clobber their heads together at the grocery store tonight, but instead I hissed at them as loudly as I could without yell-hissing and handed them crackers to shove into their mouths. It worked.

But now? Now I am exhausted. As much from the Monday Blahs as from the effort it took to keep calm.

Night 'all...sweet dreams and wish me luck for tomorrow!