Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Operation No-Yell: DAY TWO

The day has been surprisingly calm. I was worried, frankly, that today would be my undoing.

I am amazed to discover that by remaining calm, I feel more energized. And my children, bless them, are LESS likely to swing from the furniture or attempt to slide down the banister. Not to say that they DIDN'T attempt these things, because they most certainly did. But they did so only once and after being reprimanded quietly by their mother and then gently redirected, they forgot to misbehave.

I am flabbergasted.

I did not yell when Luke emptied the entire contents of the bubble bath bottle into his solo bath.

I did not yell when he then emptied half the contents of his VERY bubbly bath onto the bathroom floor.

I did not yell when my squeaky-clean, pj-clad Luke then turned the ENTIRE package of spaghetti onto the - naturally, freshly-swept and mopped - kitchen floor.

Instead, I got on with the cleaning up (and did not yell at Luke's efforts to "help" me) and he got on with being cute and my home is - for the second day in a row - a messy but peaceful place to be.


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