Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boy: n. A noise with dirt on it

Dear North Key Construction,

First, allow me to compliment you and your crews for all their hard work here on Charles. The complete reconstruction of our street is ongoing and while it's messy and dusty and a bit tricky to drive through, it's also long-overdue and absolutely necessary.

In the meantime, your crews are prompt, professional and friendly. In fact, watching them progress down the street has been fascinating - for me, as a homeowner, but more so for my two young boys.

It's like "Mighty Machines" come to vivid life.

Better still, there is dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

A pile of dirt, actually.

Whether by design or sheer dumb luck, our lawn was chosen as the spot for dirt. Every morning, a huge pile of dirt gets dumped in front of my house. By nightfall it's gone, much to my sons' disappointment.

But this Friday, the cheerful front-end loader guy asked my youngest son if he'd like them to leave the pile of dirt for the weekend. Luke, gobsmacked, could only stare as I nodded, most enthusiastically.

Yes, please!

This then, is how the dirt pile on Charles looked this afternoon:

By the time this enormous project is complete, my street will be beautiful and all of us will be pleased and grateful. But until then, thank you for making two little boys - and their Mama - very, very happy.

Bellymonster and the Reds


  1. Love it! I chuckled at the pics and thought, "Is he EATING it?" and "Rolling...nice moves, boys!" You are such a great mama!

  2. To answer your question, "Yes, yes he was!" Sigh. And the somersaults were hilarious - I kept trying to get them to do them in tandem, but to no avail.

    As a mama, I try. It's easier when say things like, "Let's go play in the dirt!"

  3. Love it! Love the dirt around the mouth. The Reds really got into it. :)

  4. Luke especially loves dirt. Not on his hands, mind you. Just everywhere else.

    Matthew is much better at keeping sand off his face, but is fascinated with water. LOVES water. Would play in water all day, if I let him.


  5. Melanie (that one!)July 12, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    Only boys could find a big pile of dirt so much fun! As a child, I would have been disgusted!!! = ) Kudos to you for letting them play in it like that... I'm not sure that I would have, knowing what the clean up would be like. I'm SUCH a girl!!!

  6. Clean up's easy - get boys naked, use hose. THEN send 'em inside to shower.

    Admittedly, their clothing hangs over the fence for days, but no matter. They love playing in dirt, naked and showers. It's all around WIN!

  7. Wow. The crew is lucky they've been dumping on YOUR lawn - this could have turned into a complaint letter from another home, lol.

  8. Well, I reckon we're the lucky ones, truthfully. The street's torn up from end to end, so no one's especially thrilled, but...we got sand!

    And today? The Reds got to ride in a digger! Shhhh...don't tell! ;)

    Man, I love this crew. Must make them banana bread or something.