Monday, March 5, 2012

Just to See You Smile...

It's not the big moments that get me. It's the small, seemingly insignificant ones that cause me to catch my breath in surprise - how quickly time is passing.

Over the weekend, Matthew lost his first tooth. There was much cheering and high-fiving and giggling at bedtime as he carefully placed his tiny tooth under his pillow. More cheering the next morning when he discovered that the Tooth Fairy had left him $2.

When I asked to take his photo he readily agreed, happy to capture this long-awaited moment. And for the first time in what seems like weeks, my beloved first-born son....smiled:

I often slip little love notes - hastily scribbled onto Post-It notes and affixed to cellophane-wrapped sandwiches - into the Reds' lunch packs. I collect little sayings and snippets specifically for this purpose because I don't always have the words I want at 6:00 a.m. and sometimes, a Mama needs a little help. Some months back, I found the prettiest words and tucked them away, waiting for the perfect moment to share them.

This then, was this morning's  Post-it message:

Blue skies, butterflies
Warm breeze, picking peas
Starlight, snuggled tight
All of these make me
But none as much as
the sight of your smile.


And you?
What are the small moments that take up the biggest spaces in your heart?


  1. Hugs with my darling 4 year old daughter. I just recently returned to work since before she was born. Mornings have been a little "hectic" trying to get us both out to school and to work on time and patience has been running short. I've learned the best thing to do is stop, smile and ask for a hug. It's the best, fixes anything. For daughter, and for Mama.

    1. Hugs really do make things better, don't they? I have to remind myself to slow down and savour 'em, ESPECIALLY during the morning hustle - it's when I most need an extra dose of goodness. Happy for both of you that you've discovered the sweet spot so quickly!

  2. This is just beautiful, Liz.

  3. This is the post I tried to comment on before and I got stuck! I LOVE this little bit of writing, Liz. SO exciting that one of your Reds has lost his tooth.And I love that you took the extra time to write him a note. It's truly those extra moments that make such a difference.

    I'm sure of it.

    And we lose some of those extra delicious moments with our children as they age if we aren't mindful. I love how mindful you are.