Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monitoring My Blessings...Again

Am considering making "Monitoring My Blessings" a monthly gig around here, as the Reds are giving me much blog fodder these days.

This week, (read: most of the time) I've posted snippets of their  overheard-via-the-baby-monitor conversations on Facebook, because:

a) I am FB friends with practically everyone I've ever known in my entire life and
b) I'm lazy.

But the awesome and talented Leanne from Ironic Mom AND fame, has inspired me. She does a a "Whiteboard Wednesday" thing, in which she writes down the weird stuff her kids inspire her to mutter throughout the week.

"Hey!" I thought, "What a great idea! I think I shall shamelessly copy follow suit!"

So now you should

a) Read the stuff that keeps [me and] the Reds up at night, long after they've been put to bed,

b) Leave your own "overheard conversational tidbit" in the comment section,
c) Come and find me on Facebook. Oh, come know you wanna....

*Insert incredulous tone from Luke/shot of Baileys by me, here*

And then, he reveals his true feelings about Mummy Dearest....

BONUS: A pre-dinner conversation at the end of a long, long week:



  1. I love reading your blogs Liz... And your statuses. They remind me how wonderfully wide open children's minds are.

  2. Thanks for reading, Josh - both the blog and the FB status updates! Kids keep us young, don't they?

  3. What a hoot! My fave overheard conversation: "My mom doesn't have a penis. She says she doesn't need one because she has a brain." Okay, so not precisely what I had said, but I like this version much better.

  4. Bahhaaaa!! Lorraine, that's hilarious. I like this version much better, too!!