Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Farewell to Baileys

Dear Baileys,

Oh, sweet nectar in a glass, how I love you. I love you best when the Reds have settled in for the night and I can sip you slowly, while listening to their snoring goodness via the monitor.

I love you in my coffee on the weekends, while camping, at the cottage and at the end of "those" days, when my heart is weary and there are still three loads of laundry to fold.

I love you over ice, in my ice cream and in a tiny shot glass with my name on it....


I must leave you.

It's not you, Baileys. It's me. I need something different. I've changed.

 I have committed myself to Exercise and Healthy eating instead. Yes, this is painful and no, this is not easy, but I have to do this, for me.  I need to get in shape and lose weight. You don't help me do that, Baileys, and Exercise and Healthy Eating have promised me that that they will.

Farewell, Heaven-in-a-Glass!
You've been a part of my life for so long now, I can't imagine you not in it. I know we'll see each other again - but right now, I need to focus on other things. Better-for-me things.

In April, maybe, we can touch base, see how things go. You'll be fine, Baileys, there on the shelf next to Tequila. Tequila and I had to part ways too, long ago - you'll have that in common, at least.

I hope you understand. I will always cherish our nights together, in my heart. You are one of my favourite memories, already. I shall raise my glass of Water to you, often.

Be well, Baileys. Know that you are loved and will be missed.



  1. That seems pretty drastic, Liz. Can't you give up anything less essential, like oxygenated blood or something? Good luck...

  2. Ha! It IS drastic, but what's worse is the exercising part. My thighs are so sad. Mad, even.

    Weirdly, I don't miss Baileys as much as I thought I might. I do, however, miss bread. God, I love bread...