Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

Dear Baileys,

God bless you, inventors of bliss-in-a-glass. Thank you for tiny, perfect, quiet moments at the end of those days which are neither perfect nor quiet.


Dear Bell Canada,

There are only 337 days left until my contract with you expires. To say that I am delighted about this would be an understatement.  Hallefreakin'luhiah!


Dear Murphy's Oil,

This morning, my son coloured on my oak desk with marker. This afternoon, he coloured on the hardwood floor with a different coloured  marker. About an hour ago, he took two markers to the coffee table.

Your product not only removed every spot, my house smells amazing. God bless you.


Dear Crayola,

Washable? I beg to effing differ.


Dear Sons,

This week is NOT a no-yell one. That was LAST week. Just because last week's no-yell efforts were dismal failures, that does NOT automatically mean that the following week will be about making up.

This week is about getting through.

Despite the yelling, colouring, hitting, shoving, tattling, throwing, jumping, whining and inability to get through a bath without splashing water, I love you both with all that I am.

Remember that. Forget the rest.


Dear God,

Thank you for today and for my sons. Without them, I might never learn the things I should: patience, consistency, letting go. Hope to pop by this Sunday.


P.S. Please bless the Baileys and the Murphys. They saved my floor and my sanity.

Dear Elizabeth,

You are a work in progress. Remember that. Forget the rest.

The best is yet to come.



  1. Love them all, especially the last one!! xo

  2. So tell me why you did not learn the first time to get rid of the permanent markers???

  3. Erin: Because the little boog HID them. Yep. True story. Hid 'em.

    I am so screwed! LOL!

  4. This might be my favorite post yet. Especially the notes to your boys and to yourself <3

  5. Love you! Want to see Bailey's response!

    Did you share it with Murphy's Oil, too?

  6. Brilliant post. I love the framework. Someday, I may borrow this framework, with a big shout out to you, of course.

  7. Karen: Those notes might have been my faves, too.

    Sarah - I tried to send it to Colgate-Palmolive, but their "Contact Us" format isn't user-friendly at all.

    Ironic: S'all yours, Mama. Glad you liked it. Thanks in advance for the shout-out.

  8. Love these notes of sanity. Funny, and yet exactly where we all are at times.

  9. Hi ... did you get your washer working ... hope all went well.
    Enjoyed reading your blogs/posts ... where do you find the time lol
    Good luck in life and my God continue to bless you in all areas of your life ...
    Ron (plumber)

  10. oops that shouyld read ... may God lol but what do you expect from a fumble fingered adominded plumber lol

  11. RON!!!

    Sweet plumber, mine! I am delighted to report that the washer is in and blessedly working and, miracle of miracles, Mark was PLEASANTLY surprised. Weird but true!

    Delighted as well to see you here. Thank you for a fun and informative day. Hope all is well with you - are you still in the area or have you decided to head North?

    Pop by for coffee sometime - for you, the door is always open.