Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Am So Smart...S-M-R-T...

Isabella: Liz, are dads smarter than mums?
Me: No. What makes you ask?
Isabella: Because Matthew just said that mums are smarter than dads.

(Big pause for me to turn my back and grin like a fool.)

Me: The truth is that mums and dads are both smart, just at different things.
Matthew: Mummy, you're smarter than Daddy, right? Except at parking. And starting the lawn mower.
Me: Um....yes. Something like that....

Genius Girl and Mr. Smartypants


  1. Love it, love it, love it!! (and your new picture too!!) :)

  2. Out of all the photos I've taken in my life, THAT one is one of my absolute all time favorites. Seriously. LOVE that convo too!

  3. HIlarious. Love the WHOLE thing. I would have been interested in what Isabella had to say about her mommy & daddy :)

  4. Way to be, Belly! :D Re: The Convo. Gawd I wish I could remember it right now....