Thursday, April 18, 2013

DSW Class of 2013

Tomorrow is my last day of school. Tomorrow I will no longer be a Developmental Services Worker student.

As of tomorrow, I can proudly say, "I am a Developmental Services Worker. How can I help you live your best life?"

Because in the end, that will be my job - to help those I support achieve the good things of life that we all strive for: friends, relationships, jobs, a sense of belonging.

Along the path to here, I have been blessed to share it with some incredible people: my classmates and my professors, all of whom brought their own kind of magic to my life and all of whom will hold a special place in my heart, for always.

Without their passion and their fire, I wouldn't be half as fierce about becoming an advocate for others.

Without their support and their wisdom, I might not have the strength to stand up for those I will support in the future.

Without their humour and their willingness to help, I might never have made it through finals, this blog post and placement days that found me sobbing and bereft.

These people - profs and classmates alike - oh, they make me proud. Proud to know them, learned from them, proud to have watched them grow into themselves, proud to be among them, growing too.

And they make me laugh.

Even when they're laughing at ME:

So, in this, my final post as a DSW student from Loyalist College in Belleville, I offer my thanks and my love. To all of you who've shared my journey and who will carry our lessons under your heart:

Two years ago, we pledged to change the world. In doing so, we've discovered that WE must be that change first. I think it's safe to say that we are indeed, the change we want to see in the world.

Leigh-Ann, Renee, Kris, Lisha, Brittany, Adriana, Lauren, Stephanie B, Krimin, Monique, Lydnsay, Bev, Switch, Emilee, Nicole, Ashley G, Cynthia, Katelynn, Ashley S, Tiffany, Sarah S, Cathy, Vaibhavi, Laura, Stephanie D, Danielle, Pam, Pam, Jeremy, Holly, Jessica, Mandy, Riddhi, Raj, Bibin, Brittany C, Rebekah, Sarah P as well as amazing teachers Lisa, Erica, Jane, Colleen, Gord, Julie, Kelly, Bryan, Jacquie and all those we supported during three placements:

Thank you for changing my world - my life's path -  in ways I'd never imagined.


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  1. Soooooo proud of you.

    But you realize, you've opened yourself up to get tons of SPAM from the US, as we have a chain of discount shoe stores called DSW.

    You're welcome. :)