Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Surrender

This is my Facebook status from earlier this evening, when I arrived home with two frazzled Reds in tow, the making of supper a daunting task before me and another run in my stupid stockings:

Seriously now, this post is officially a shout-out to all you working parents out there, including a belated one to my own, who, though long-retired, still put in full days being awesome.

AMAZING, you are. INSPIRING, you are. STRONG, you are. MY HEROS, you are.

I don't know how you do it and still look as good as you do. Me, I straggle home at day's end looking like something the cat tossed aside in disgust and feeling worse.

In a good way, I suppose, but still.

Carry on being awesome, all. I'm just gonna put my head down here, for just a min.....



  1. Liz! I love this post and yesterday's post, too. I have so much trouble leaving comments on Blogger! But I want you to know I read every post.

    I wish you would come over to WORDPRESS! :)

    You know, for my ease.

    You are doing great with thosevReds. Cannot fix that error or I'll be unable to post.

    1. Oh, my friend....I am so afraid to lose all these posts in a transfer and I am not tech-savvy. Can I borrow your kid? Forever, like?

  2. Liz, you may know about this already but I just discovered that the 1140 ml size of Bailey's Original Irish Cream is on sale at the LCBO for a limited time - $2.00 off! Time to stock up? :)

    P.S. I wish you would come over to WordPress too. I have a tough time with Blogger, just like Renee. I still read 'em all, though!

  3. *Slams door, rushes to car* Baileys is on sale - gotta go!

    Meep! So afraid to lose posts. Techo-dummy, here. Please advise!