Friday, November 9, 2012

When Pinterest Takes Over....

This is Day FOUR of the "30-Posts-in-30-Days Challenge" and I'm already scrambling for stuff to write about.

This is disturbing because until the challenge was issued, I had tons of stuff milling about in my head, waiting to tumble forth here. As soon I accepted that challenge? Stuff took off running.

Stupid Stuff.

I began another post, went looking for a photo to illustrate my point and ended up on Pinterest.

Blog post? What blog post? Just one more...ok, two more....sixteen or so should do it.....

 I've been there for an hour, happily pinning and chuckling and sighing and dreaming. And since I have and I'm in the sharing (read: lazy-can't-write-for-crap) mood, I'll share some of my new faves here:

This could be the end of a relationship, a trip, a book or a  single perfect moment and I wanna stay in it forever:

Speaking of places, in my next life? I'm gonna live right here:
Irish Dreams
But not before I do this:
"Sometimes, you simply feel the need to skip down the centre of the road..."
and this:

But first, I'm gonna laugh my face off at this:

recognize myself in this and laugh even harder:
Gonna be thankful for this:

and, dear readers, all of you:


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