Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Happy Mantra

JC is one of the incredible caregivers in the daycare section of my 7-week placement. Along with a three other equally dedicated, compassionate teachers, JC runs herd on a bunch of 3-and-4-year-old kids, all. day. long.

Frankly, these women deserve awards and Baileys for life, but that's not the point of today's post. Nope. Today, I'm gonna share this little mantra that JC has the kids recite every day, at circle. First she gathers them close and has them, literally, give themselves a pat.

Says JC: "Ok, my friends! Raise your right hand high in the air. Now, cross your arm over your front and put your hand on your opposite shoulder. Now pat. Pat your own shoulder. Gently, friends! Now, repeat after me:

I am the best person I know.
I am smart.
I am kind.
I am funny.
I'm a good friend.
I am ridiculously good-looking!"
My smart, kind, funny, ridiculously good-looking Reds!


This Happy Mantra tickles every part of my heart. I love it so much, I plan to have the Reds do this each morning before we rush out the door and into lives that are often separate, these days. I want them to hear their own voices alongside mine, ringing out these awesome truths.

Care to join us?

Try it! Go on, make your own day and recite the Happy Mantra!
Now tell me, how do you feel?


  1. I LOVE this. As a matter of fact I'm going to do that very mantra at my school council meeting tomorrow night! Sometimes grown ups need a little reminder too!

    1. It's so true! We all need to reminded of our own greatness, don't we? Consider yourself patted and hugged, Middle-Aged Lady!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love that she does this. The first time I came across this idea was when watching the movie The Help. I had a bit of a breakdown at that point of the movie, but that's another story (prbbly a post!)
    Anyhow, after that, I made sure to tech the mantra to my daughters.
    This is the one we say:

    I am good
    I am kind
    I am smart
    I am beautiful
    And my Mommy & Daddy love me.

    Then we have a group hug.

    What an amazing lady that JC is!


  3. She is, that. They all are, actually. Dedicated, compassionate women working hard to teach their charges sharing, colours, numbers and love.

    It reminded me of "The Help" too, but I love how JC adapted it and tossed in the funny. Love that my kids now grin like crazy when I holler, "Happy Mantra Time...arms UP!"