Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Counting My Happy...

Slept 12 hours last night - cannot remember when that happened last. So today, I am loving the world and everything pleases me. Here's my happy list, so far:

1. Falling asleep with a boy tucked under each arm.
2. Waking up this morning with a boy tucked under one arm and the other draped over my head.
3. Open windows/open doors.
4. Frogs singing.
5. We all slept so soundly, my bed practically made itself.
6. Pee that makes the potty.
7. Broccoli salad.
8. Working out with the Reds. Matthew takes it very seriously and how I love him for it.
9. Daffodils.
10. Getting my hair cut/brows waxed.
11. Bare feet on hardwood.
12. Coffee, made by someone other than me.
13. New books.
14. Blog comments.
15. Opening a new bottle of washing up liquid.
16. Actually printing photos instead of saving them on my hard-drive. Bonus happy for cute frames from the dollar store.
17. Crock pot suppers.
18. Twitter peeps.
19. Cozy blankets, folded over the arm of the couch.
20. Random love from the Reds.

And you? What makes you happy?


  1. Stretchy pants that are not stretched to the limit when you put them on. Anymore.

    Sparkly pink toenail polish.

    Teal and Lime and Yellow fabric, all playing nicely together.

    Random rainy days.

    Kale salad.

    Knitting on the porch while the kids chase each other on bikes around the car parked in the driveway.

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  3. Sorry, spelling error in comment. Drives me crazy.

    I LOVE the visuals, Bec. Peaceful, all. And that your stretchy pants don't need to stretch so far? AWESOME. Go, you!

  4. The first sip of a chai.

    Meeting new friends and knowing you've been friends all along.

    So glad LR introduced us!

  5. Also, guessing the word verification correctly.

  6. little red haired boy-babes make me happy. i think my uterus just skipped a beat;)

  7. mom made monkey balls.

    i aced my english test.

    i get to see my friends tonight.

    it's not raining.

    i'm playing CSI.

    life in general is darn great. :)

  8. Oh, yay!! More things to make us smile!

    Ironic Mom - Ditto.
    Suzannah - They're pretty cute, aren't they?
    Emily - Acing English = awesome, though I knew you would. Is it nice to have L. home, too?

  9. Burning 560 calories during step class.

    Not having a diaper change during step class.

    Still having enough time to shave my legs and take a hot shower before 2 hrs of gym child care is up.

    Enjoying uncharacteristic gorgeous and cool weather for this time of year with open windows.

    Popping open an ice cold can of Mountain Dew and taking first sip.

    Letting a piece of chocolate melt in my mouth.

    The wet kiss my daughter plants on my cheek.

  10. Ooohhhh, Dances - those are good! I am envious of your gym showering. I go to the Y and the showers are group. No curtains. Meep!

    Mountain Dew (from the States. It's different here. True story) and kid kisses = bliss.

    Thanks for listing your happy!

  11. I think you need to add, coming over to Heathers to have your hair dyed.


  12. Oooh, Heather - you're so right! I forgot to add it. Thanks for adding! xo

  13. Sunlight streaming through the window

    Children giggling whilst dreaming

    A family meal with loved ones

    Hugs and kisses from your children


    Old movies with popcorn and a blanket

    PJ days

    A new book

    A home made present

    Date nights

    Coffee with friends

    New shoes

  14. Wonderfully happy things to savour, Curvy Vegan! Thanks for adding to the pile of stuff to be grateful for.