Thursday, May 19, 2011

Land of Lost Sounds

When trying to write something serious, there is always room - nay, there SHOULD always be room - for procrastinating. Today's offering:

Which sounds, linked to your childhood, are ones your children will likely never know and/or immediately recognize?


1. The chink-chink-chink-whhiiiirrr of a rotary-dial phone.
2. Zzzzzppphhhhtclickbeeeeppppp of dial-up internet.
3. TV "snow"
4. Simon: The Game
5. "Flip" sound on digital clocks as each minute passes.
6.  The sound of a Big Wheel on the sidewalk.
7. "Press play on Tape 1"
8. "Click-click-click" of a video projector
9. The Voice - Mark Dailey (Ontario only)
10. Dinner bells from the back porch
11. "Goodnight, John-Boy..."
12. The anticipatory scratchy fullness of a needle on a record (We have a turntable and hundreds of records - plan to one day, someday, set 'em all up and have ourselves a party.)
13. The "ding" of a car pulling into a family-owned gas station.
13b. "Ping-ping-ping" of a gas station air pump.
14. Typewriter pings.
15. Cash register rings.
16. "Chuuut-chhhuttt" of a credit card imprint machine
17. Mail sliding through a slot in the front door.
18. "AOL's" iconic "Ping! You've got mail!"
19. Creaky-squeaks of a merry-go-round.

Play along! Which sounds do you remember?


  1. The sound of changing the channel on the tv tuner on the tv.

  2. We have #17 so my boys can cross that off of the list! ;)

    I'm not sure if I can describe it or if you'll know what I'm talking about, but I remember the push button radios in cars back in the day. My parents would listen to AM radio on it and it would make a clicking noise in the background.

    The noise of putting something in your bike spokes (like a card) to click as your rode your bike.

    The bell dinging of the scissor/knife sharpening man that would drive his little cart/car through the neighborhood.

  3. Listening to a movie at the drive in on the speaker attached to your car.

  4. Ice cream truck

  5. We still hear "Dickie Dee" bells here. But most parents are too paranoid to let their children chase a stranger for yummy, lactose-laden treats!

    Drive-in speakers, thunk-of-dial-changer = Awesome suggestion!

  6. Cassette type noise coming from your boombox

  7. ^^Worse yet...the sound of that cassette tape being crinkled and ruined in that boombox!! lol

  8. Bbbaaaahhhhaaa: cassette tapes being chewed by boombox. Best one yet!

  9. How about the sound of the coin operated lock in the public washroom

  10. or better yet, the sound of your mother telling you to sneak under the door of the locked public washroom door.

  11. the sound of squishing your styrofoam burger container into the garabage at McDonalds

  12. The crinkling plastic sound that disposable diapers used to make when toddlers ran around in them. This is a hard one for me to let go of actually. I was like a second mother to my siblings, and couldn't wait to grow up and have children of my own. One of the things I intended to enjoy thoroughly was the sound of their diapers when they were running about.


    I am now thinking that my childhood memories are a little odd.

    Thanks Liz. *snort*

  13. A busy signal on the telephone

  14. The sound of a 9-pin dot matrix printer.

    Listening for the right ring on your phone (i.e. a party line!)