Monday, May 16, 2011

Bitch For a Day

A few months ago, encouraged by my friend Lloyd, I reached out to a stranger, asking for advice about writing. Leanne Shirtliffe (aka  Ironic Mom, blogger extraordinaire) wrote back and nothing has been the same.

Since then, I've been stalking tagging along behind Leanne all over the Internet, following her peeps and being awed by talent of bloggers everywhere. Inspired, I've been pushing myself to write more, more often, and have been delighted to see my own blog traffic change and rise.

More importantly, my confidence is rising. I've made a huge (scary, exhilarating) effort to shove aside my insecurities and put my writing out there - come what may:

Leanne co-blogs with two other amazing writers at Word Bitches. It's a blog about the writing life and the challenges therein. It's sassy. A little bit snarky. Full of wisdom and insight, too.

It's also where I am guest-blogging (How cool is that? It feels very professional and hip to be all, "Oh, I"m guest blogging over at Word Bitches today....Jeeves, bring the car 'round, please!")

Check it out! Go on.....GO!



  1. GO GIRL! You are an inspiration, you know that? Love it.

    Oy vey. I'm such a Gayle.

  2. Aww, thanks. It's my pleasure. And I'm pretty sure I've gotten just as much out of it!

    You rock.

    And thanks to Lloyd, too!

  3. Such a Gayle - ha! That makes me giggle, now that I know what it means! Thanks, MamaB!

    Leanne, as always, "No, YOU rock! No YOU do!"

    Love it.

  4. Just came over from Word Bitches to say I really enjoyed the post! I don't have the confidence to call myself a writer yet but I hope to one day.

  5. Thanks so much, Capital Mom - for the compliment and for popping by. Hope your day comes soon, Mama!

  6. Loved your blog post over at the bitches, and now I'm loving your blog!

    Christi Corbett

  7. Ah, my fellow bloggers, how lovely to see you here! I love being loved - thanks for it all!