Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wishes with Luke

Some of my favourite days are "Luke Days" - when Matthew is at school and the day stretches long before us: Undone. Fresh.

These are dawdle days - when the walk home from dropping Matthew off takes an hour, because we've stopped to inspect every blade of grass or sat awhile petting "Snots", the fluffy, dog-like animal around the corner.

Yesterday, Luke was particularly charming and adorable: he'd run ahead, twirl around a tree and then race back to dangle from my hand, chattering non-stop.

At the edge of an otherwise immaculate lawn, Luke spotted a large and puffy dandelion - perfect for blowing into the morning air. He stopped in his tracks and I watched as pure delight bloomed across his freckled face.

"Mummy!" he breathed, his voice low with awe and wonder, "look at that wishing flower! It's HUMONGOUS!"

He plucked the weed from the grass with a grin and held it out to me: "Let's wish together, Mummy. This flower is so big, it will hold two wishes."

He closed his eyes, concentration marring his brow. I kept mine open, reveling in the moment.

"OK, Mummy? Let's blow!" And so we did, watching the fluffy seeds sail into the sky, filled with hope.

"Good wish, Mummy?"
"Good wish, Luke."


Wish # 1: Matthew

Wish Come True # 2: Luke

And you? Which of your wishes have come true?
What have you wished for lately?


  1. Dawdle days. How lovely. I'd like a dawdle day.

    Something magical happens whenever I take Vivian or WIlliam out alone, a rare occurrence with twins. The magic is usually they behave; they become mini adults.

    We must do more one-on-one dawdle days.

    Love the focus on the faces of your boys.

  2. I don't know if it's a twin phenomenom or a sibling one, but the Reds are often on their best behaviour when they're solo. It's like the extra attention inspires them or something.

    Dawdle days are easier for me because I'm home throughout the day. But if you can manage one, say, once a month for each Thing, I reckon they'd be some of their fave memories.

    Or Vivian will hate it and write a note to tell you so. Either way...

  3. OOOhhhh...I'm so excited for these days with wee lad Leif. The days when Big Sister goes to school, and it's just Leify and Mommy...doing whatever tickles our fancy all day long. So he can be That Boy...that Big Big Boy. Instead of theannoyinglittlebrother. 6 weeks to go...I'm sure I'll cry the first day since these two haven't been separated hardly at all since his birth...

  4. Yep. You'll cry. Buckets. But within days, you'll begin to relish the freedom and the gift of time with your boy. Lucky you!

  5. That's nice story and nice pictures. I wish I could spend a bright afternoon just wishing.

  6. Thanks, Mark. Why don't you set aside two hours one morning and do just that? Can't hurt, right?