Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snippets of Life with The Reds

The Reds have been in a heartwarming, love-to-be-together phase lately. I wish I'd taken more photos:  years from now, when they haul each other to the ground, fists flying, I can show them documented proof of brotherly affection. Ah, well.

 Meet Mop-Top and his little brother, Menace:

 Freshly-shorn Reds. I love their hair like this. They love to dress alike, which is handy, since they can practically share clothing, despite the two years between them:

 This morning, I ended up at the foot of bed, curled into a blanket-less ball. Hmm...I wonder why:

Holy crap, does Matthew (the taller Red) ever look like my father-in-law. He has done for most of his life, but every once in awhile, it catches me unaware and I am amazed all over again.

And finally, my favourite Spring shot:

When did they grow so big? Weren't they just born?


  1. Your children are gorgeous! My two boys are 17 months apart and they are still the best of friends at 11.5 and a few days from 10. Of course they have their moments, but far less than some siblings. Hopefully this continues through the teenage years. Enjoy the brother bond, it's a pretty special relationship. :)

  2. wistfully jealous as usual over the reds.
    Love the sibling bonds! Hope to encourage as best I can for that same situation to foster between my two munchkins.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Am pretty chuffed with them myself! I try to remind them every day that brothers are "built-in best friends."

    Most days, they agree!