Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding More Happy...Behind the Wheel

It must be the sunshine, but I keep finding things to be happy about. In no particular order, for no particular reason, I have been delighted by lawn mowers, traffic lights and strangers on the highway.

First, a conversation between Matthew and Luke, earlier today:

"Walk this way, Luke. Carefully. Carefully! Go slowly!"
"I am. I'm walking just  like Mummy!"
"Let's go outside...wait, Mummy locked the door. Let's just dance!"

As the "genderless baby" debacle debate continues, I reckon my sons have got it all sorted:

 When in doubt, just dance! Put on your black heels and dance!

Ahem. But I digress....

The List

It's mostly car and driving related, as this past weekend, we clocked almost 800km in two days:

Honourable Mention: On Friday, my across-the-road neighbour, Nick, mowed my lawn. Which means, we went into the long weekend with a decent-looking front lawn and he no longer has to look out his window and see the dandelion bouquets that dot the yard. Apparently, it also takes a village to upkeep the 'hood.

1.Advanced green traffic lights. Being the second car in the turning lane - there's no pressure to get moving the second the arrow turns green AND it's easier to gauge the turn when someone else does it first.

2.When the person in front of me in the Tim Horton's drive-through pays for my coffee. Why? Because it's Monday. God bless kind-hearted, coffee-loving strangers.

3.Full tanks of gas at the beginning of a long drive. Newly-created CD's for the drive (think "mixed tapes, only better!") We love duets - the cheesier, the better. Well, I love duets. Mark just sings along to get along.

4. Travelling with strangers: following/passing/waving at strangers in the cars around us on a long drive. We have been known to follow others into rest stations, wait for them to gas up, share a laugh and continue travelling with them along the 401. Is that weird?

5. When you pass a car and everyone in the car is laughing uproariously about something, so you laugh, too. Closely related: when a stranger in a restaurant or grocery store has an infectious laugh - watch the faces of those around you as they try - and fail - to remain impassive. Most can't. Sometimes, you just gotta join in, even when you've no idea what's goin' on.

6. Sunshine, windows down, hair slicked back, sunglasses on:  Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" on the radio. Bliss.

7. Having sons who cannot wait to experience all of the above:

What's making you happy these days? Any driving shenanigans?


  1. ahhhh to have someone buy your drink order at Timmies... wish I had that happen. I've bought for others, but haven't gotten it back.... yet.....

  2. It's nice to see long drives to nowhere and adventures have not been lost.


  3. Soon, Sue, it'll happen. The coffee karma gods will smile upon you!

    Moe, nobody does long drives to nowhere like you and me. We were the duo upon which "Thelma and Louise" were modeled. Well, except for the cliff part. And the Brad Pitt bit...

  4. I had a similar happy feeling on Saturday Aft. Sun was shining, the warm wind coming in through my van window, my husband beside me and two happy children chattering the in the back seat - couldn't help but feel happy :)We had no where really to be at any particular time. We played at a park, threw stones into the lake, at ice cream and went for a great meal...Life is good!

  5. It's the simple things that make us happiest, don't you think? I mean, I'd be happy to win the lotto, too but THESE are the moments I long to revisit. Ice cream is good!

    Thanks for reading, Shannon!