Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Sweet Angel, Luke!

Baby boy, tomorrow, you will be ONE! Whoosh, this year has gone and I am left breathless in its wake. Blessed, fullfilled and a little bit sad.

Darling Luke, before you were born, when I knew you as "Belly Bean" I worried that I wouldn't, couldn't ever love you the way I loved your brother. I worried that my heart couldn't, despite all advice to the contrary, expand to include another delightful, magical leprechaun.

And then, sweet son, I met you.

I met you and every worry I ever had flew clean out of my head and my heart simply whispered, "Hello, Luke. I've been waiting to love you for my whole, entire life."

My love for you, oh cherub-faced wonder, is quiet but fierce. You are indeed, my very soul and I believe that you were sent to be mine, especially. What a joy it will to discover you, Luke.

You are quick and funny and oh-so happy. I love your appetite for life, blue-eyed boy: from a rolly-legged baby to an engaging, wobbly-walkin' toddler, you bring such LIGHT to our lives. There is a lightness of spirit about you that simply beckons us, the ones who love you best, to sit awhile longer, cuddle a moment more.

Before you open your eyes, you are smiling. Before you've even seen your brother, you are smiling, knowing that he is almost upon us, in bed each morning. He waits, you see, to hear your morning shrieks and coos and then heads directly for your smile - we all do.

I love your determination and dramatic shrieks of laughter. Don't so much love the drama and gnashing of teeth that occurs when your temper flares, but it sure is funny! Yours is a fiery temper, Lukey Gavan, and assures me that life in your sphere will never be boring!

Sometimes, while nursing, you raise your eyes to mine and I believe that I can see God's face, reflected there...and I offer up a special thanks, for the gift of you.

Thank you for your patience and your humour. Thank you for your every giggle and the way you chortle "Wowowowowowoowowo!" when something strikes your fancy. The way you turn your face to press your mouth to mine, a silent, gentle kiss, for no reason. For placing your hand in mine, your trust in my love, your heart into my keeping.

I will keep yours close to mine, always.

I love you.