My Mother's Gifts

My mother brings a lot to my life and to the world.

Light. Laughter. Music. Love.

When she retired, she discovered two more gifts to share with the world. She learned to play the flute (beautifully) and she also learned to paint beauty.

Some of her favourites are hanging in a gallery just north of Lakefield, Ontario, and will be there all summer long. If you're looking to see some awesome local talent, from Bellymonster's Mama, then go here:

The gallery is called Harbour Art Gallery and parking across the road is free.

Here's a tiny peek at my mum and her creations. The photos are not, admittedly, the best, but this daughter did what she could. Should you want one - a picture, not the daughter - for your very own (and why wouldn't you?) email me or contact me on Twitter. Meanwhile, ENJOY!

Before you leave, say hello to my mum, Pat Schillings. Tell her Belly sent you!

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