Monday, January 19, 2009

Home really IS where the heart is...

And my heart and soul sleep soundly, tucked in under our new roof!

Moved to Belleville on Thursday - under sunny though frigid skies. The move went well, all things considered. The boys were wonderful and only a few things broke - the buffet table and two plates. Not bad, considering my packing was a bit haphazard and a lot rushed!

Still, here we are, settled and resting easier now that the debt that haunted our sleep looms FAR less steeply. It's a bit strange, not knowing which way is up - inside our box-laden house and out and about, in search of a decent pizza place. But, I am happy and blessed.

Blessed with incredible family, who pulled together and got us through this topsy-turvy journey, from beginning to end. Blessed with a husband who has hung in and hung on, despite his urge to flee, despite my pleas that he do. Blessed with two amazing little boys, who've taken to this new home with glee and charm.

But by the grace of God, I am here.

And now, finally, I will sleep.