Thursday, January 20, 2011


Luke, sweet menace, cherub-faced, devil-minded, stubborn, glorious Interloper...oh, he makes me LAUGH!

Just now, following a failed attempt to have Luke poop on the potty, I sent him downstairs to find a Pull-Up. He reappeared, Pull-Up in hand:

"Mummy, can you wipe my bum again? I pooped again."
"Between the downstairs shelf and here you pooped AGAIN?"
"Where's the poop now?"
"On the stairs."
"On the STAIRS? Why the stairs?"
"I didn't want the poop to make my bum dirty..."

This is the same son who wriggles with glee when it rains, because he cannot WAIT to drink from puddles afterward. Same kid whose hands MUST be washed constantly throughout the day, but who thinks that boogers are yummy.

I love him so much, it's almost painful!