Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Village of Newcastle

Dear Village of Newcastle,

This is it, people. This is your opportunity to stand up and show the world - more importantly, to show a family in your midst - that the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," is true.

It will take all of you - all of your indignation, your outrage and your ire - to show a misguided few what inclusion really means, what it looks like, WHO YOU ARE.

But mostly, it will take your hearts and your hands, open in friendship, doors open in welcome, streets accessible for all - to show this family (and yourselves) that you are worthy of being called, "Home."

Home is where children are meant to feel as though they belong, inside and out.

Home is meant to be - oh, I love this- a port in the storm.

Be the port for this child, this family, each other, yourselves.

Home is NOT a place for hatred or anonymous letters filled with hate and vicious ignorance dropped into a letterbox, on an otherwise glorious summer's day.

A letter sent to a family in Newcastle, Ontario

So as you gather close this evening, on lawns, on porches, on the very streets where you live, know that you are committing to a lifetime of support for this family, those children, everyone who loves them.

You got this, Newcastle.

Be the village I know you can be.