Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What a True Teacher Looks Like...

When the Reds began school last September, they did so with confidence: Matthew headed into Grade 2 and Luke marched into Senior Kindergarten a proud "Super Senior!"

Lucky Luke was able to begin his year with his previous year's teacher, the newly-married Mrs. O'Connor, so he was a happy boy.
Watching Sarah become a Mrs. August 2012
His mama was happy, too. I am as invested in Mrs. O'Connor's happiness as she is in my children's.
That he was able to spend more time in her sphere comforted me, pleased me - Luke is my baby boy, no matter how old he gets and he is does not warm easily to people or experiences that are new. So, another year to grow and spread his wings with a teacher who loves him, made this mama's heart rest easy.
Mrs. O'Connor is due to give birth to her first child this weekend, but
she made time to visit her students at their end-of-year celebration, bringing
her own special light and love to the day.

When Mrs. O'Connor announced her pregnancy early in 2013, we were all excited for her. She will be an amazing mother - what a joy it will be to watch her welcome her own child into her heart, as she welcomed both of mine.
Midway through the year, however, her doctor ordered her off work, which was sad for everyone. But she had assembled a fabulous team in her room,  awesome Early Childhood Educator, Mrs. Wannamaker and  superb Educational Assistant, Mrs. Whalen. Along with brand-new-to-us Mr. Pachecko, this trio kept learning momentum going and Luke continued to thrive.
To all four of them, I extend my heartfelt thanks for keeping my boy's smile intact, his spirit free and for filling his mind with all things wise and wondrous.
Mr. Pachecko, Luke, Mrs. Wannamaker, Mrs. Whalen
Matthew, meanwhile, bounded into second grade full of bravado. He is normally fearless and headstrong,  but he was emerging from a year fraught with frustration and too many days ending in tears and so I was concerned.
 I needn't have worried, for into his life came two AMAZING teachers.
I cannot say enough about Ms. Sabean and Mr. Hartnell - a dynamic duo who made learning fun, who engaged and cheered Matthew throughout this year, whose dedication to and pride in their students I witnessed every. single. day.
Matthew's First Communion: Ms. Sabean, M. Hartnell
 Matthew was barely reading when school started last September, but buoyed by success found in a summer reading program at the school, he was eager to learn. His teachers encouraged him all year long and now, my boy is devouring chapter books and weaving incredible tales of his own.
The ability to read is such an enormous pleasure and while I am a lover of words and stories, I was not great about reading nightly with Matthew and was even worse at sitting down to fill out his book logs. But his teachers persevered - with him AND with me - and together, we gave birth to a reader.
My pride and delight in all that he has accomplished this year is surpassed only by theirs for him and for that, especially, I am grateful.
It is a wondrous gift, to a parent, to know that their child is safe and happy and loved by his teachers.
 On this, the last day of school for the year 2013, this is my thank you to them, these incredible teachers, who've guided and cajoled and encouraged my sons to grow and reach and surpass their own potential.
With much love,
Matthew and Luke's Mama
P.S. The rest of your "thank-you" gifts are courtesy of the LCBO.
Cheers, all - you've earned it!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Whomever My Son Loves...

Dear Matthew's-Future-Partner,

Matthew got up first this morning, made his bed, got dressed and washed, laid out Luke's clothes and toothbrush, made waffles for the both of them and made coffee for me.

Then he stood at the side of my bed and rubbed my back until I woke up.

So, when you're having a no-good, rotten, terrible day, remember this. Eventually, my boy will be yours to love and cherish and you will know this kind of love, too.

So hang in there!

Your Future Favourite Mother-in-Law

And he's a fabulous big brother, too!