Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Luke Did

Today, Luke did not wet his pants.

He did not punch me in the knee, which for reasons I cannot explain, he finds hilarious.

He did not rip any pages from Matthew's "Berenstain Bears" books, nor did he stretch an entire roll of Scotch tape from one end of the antique dining room table to the other.

He did not spit his apple down the side of the couch because he "hates the bits, Mummy!"

He did not squeeze toothpaste into the Q-tip container.

He did NOT manage to steer clear of the mud.

He did not attempt to shove the second "How to Train Your Dragon" DVD into the player by himself, like he did with the first one.

He did not pout and say, "NO!" when I asked him to take the toilet paper rolls back up the stairs.

He did not run away in the grocery store and did not bang on the glass in the fish section, hollering at the lobsters to "Wake up, crabs! Wake UP!"

He did not roll down his window in the car and spit.

He did not complain when I read Matthew's storybook first and did not run away and hide in the porch, hissing, when I announced that it was time for bed.

He did not snatch Matthew's stuffed snake down from the top bunk and cackle like a loon.

He did not stick his tongue in the fan nor did he dump two bottles of perfectly good water onto his floor so he could "swim in a carpet lake."

He did not offer a simple "Cheese!" when asked.

He did not stick his tongue up my nostril when I leaned in to kiss him goodnight, nor did he put his hand over my mouth and plead, "Don't sing, Mummy. Your singing hurts me!"

He did not beg for one more cup of water, another story or to sleep with his "Cars" crocs on.

He DID, however, pat my cheek as I tucked him in and say, "Mummy, you're the best."

That he did.


  1. Yep. A sweet, successful day all 'round!

    Who'da thunk it?

  2. Good Writing, Liz!!!

  3. Thanks, Lloyd! I give Luke all the credit. Life in his sphere is never boring.

  4. LOVE it! Personality plus plus. : )

  5. I love reading your posts. By the way, did you know that God died, he died yesterday.

  6. Thanks, all! Luke certainly has his moments and I'm delighted to share 'em. Somedays, I wish I could share HIM, too....but I digress!

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Wow, Luke looks just like our Matthew at that age. Hard to believe Matt is now 18. I know it sounds corny, but they do grow up so fast! Great post, Elizabeth!

  8. Thanks, Larry! Love that you have a Matthew, too! I can scarcely believe that they will both be in school this year - weren't they just born?

    Yesterday, I heard a song called "You're Gonna Miss This," by Trace Adkins, who's a country music singer. It made we weepy, knowing that even now, I am missing these past six years and I was here for all of it.


  9. I have a Luke who wears dresses. Her name is Wendy. This was a great piece!

  10. Thanks, MessiahMom - Wendy sounds perfect. Do you drink Baileys late at night, like I do? LOL.

    I think that these littles who challenge are God's way of reminding us to stay the course and pay attention. Havoc reigns, if not! (And clearly, I'd better pick up my game!)

    Thanks for popping by!