Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bucket Lists, God's Grace and Finding Your Rock

I spend a lot of time (some might say too much) reading other blogs. Every day, I am delighted to discover incredible pieces of writing offering glimpses into the lives of complete strangers.

I am often awed. Sometimes I weep. I laugh a lot - so much that I try to get through a least one caffeinated beverage before firing up the computer and logging in. More than one blogger has caused me to snort coffee from my nose before my eyes are fully open, and how I love them for it.

Here then, are the blog pieces that have stuck with me as I've moved through the week:

Alice Pyne is 15. She is also dying.

 To that end, she created a blog so that she can share her final months with her loved ones and let them witness her quest to fulfill her "Bucket List". Alice listed "trending on Twitter" as one of her life's wishes.

Her voice - so young, so brave - has haunted my sleep for two nights now and I cannot stay away from her site. THOUSANDS of people have commented on her posts and therein lies the true magic of the internet. I spent an entire HOUR this morning, reading the comments, feeling the outpouring of enormous love for Alice and cheering whenever I came across someone offering to make one of her wishes come true.

Need your faith in human goodness rekindled? Visit Alice.

Mary Kathryn is a fellow blogger I've "met" on Twitter. According to her blog tag, she is "abiding in grace, one day at a time."

 I think she's the person I'd want to be, if I weren't me.

Mary Kathryn brings light to my days and forces me to re-examine my own faith, daily. She is quirky and funny and so very, very wise. She is also a redhead and a true beauty and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why she is still single.

In any case, popping by Beauty for Ashes every few days fills me up with all that I need to keep going. Often, I feel as though she has somehow found her way inside my heart and is healing it from the inside out.

Need a spiritual lift or to see what true joy looks like, written? Visit Mary Kathryn.

C stands for commencement. It also stands for Chase McFadden, whose Commencement Speech titled "Go Find Your Rock" should be read aloud at every graduation ceremony, everywhere.

I was so impressed by the speech I posted it to my Facebook wall and watched as FB friends re-posted it all over the place. All is as it should be and my hope is that Chase's wise words will echo in the hearts of children forever.

Big words, eh? Well, Chase's words inspired big feelings in me - there, on his blog, were there things I long to teach my children. Heck, things I long to learn myself. It's just a bonus that the dude's funny to boot.

Seeking direction and purpose and an encouraging, friendly voice? Visit Chase.

And you? Where have you been this week?


  1. liz, i am so...amazed and humbled and am a loss for words, really. thank you...SO. much. what an honor to be included to hear such kind words said about cooky me. you put stuff out there and hope it connects, anyway, all i can say is...truly...thank you.

    i have been to chase's blog and he's hilarious. i haven't been to alice's blog and, honestly...i'm not sure i could handle it, at least not right now before i go to bed. but i look forward to visiting her page very soon.

    p.s. i really had no idea that it looks like i have red hair in my avi until elizabeth esther asked me one time (via twitter) what color my red is. ha! i actually have really dark brown hair. but i've always wanted red or curly hair! (i've also always wished to be black. we can't have it all, can we? :)

    such a pleasure to connect with you, liz. and, again, thank you.


  2. Truly, it was my pleasure. IS my pleasure, to hang around your blog and breath in all the good stuff there. Your posts, and ensuing commentary make me think every. single. day.

    Plus, your capacity for joyful living is infectious. The world needs more like you. Carry on, being you.

  3. I like beauty for ashes also.
    (From Kisha since blogger won't let me sign in and comment to other blogs)