Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moody Mother Nature meets Fickle Bellymonster

I love Mother Nature - she's a fickle creature, just like me.

Unfortunately, I don't always appreciate the results of Mother Nature's fickle behaviour, especially when they involve me packing "basement bags" in case we need to sleep in the cellar. Thankfully, last night's awesome storm rendered the street powerless, but left my children sleeping in their beds.


Still, I suddenly miss winter and have been praying for the skies to darken, the wind to cool to freezing and a pile of snow to land on my lawn. I long to hurl myself into it and stay there until October.

Other "Cool Weather" things I'm suddenly missing:

The need for socks and a hoodie once the sun goes down.
Hot chocolate.
Mittens, drying on the windowsill.
Rosy cheeks
Peeling off layers of clothing to reveal a slimmer self. It's amazing how many pounds longjohns add on. Puffy, long coats have a similarly slimming effect, once removed.
Flannel pyjamas
Hot showers
Hot Weetabix for breakast
Wearing a blanket while watching TV.

I realize that come December, I'll be pining for these shimmering hot days and missing iced tea but for now? Dreaming of  winter's snow is what's getting me through summer's sunshine.

Well, that and my husband's promise to install the a/c units soon...

And you? How do you get yourself through the seasons?

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