Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Upside to Feeling Down...

Short and sweet:

Matthew: Mummy, do you know what the best part of my surgery was?
Belly: The popsicles?
Matthew: Well, that was cool, but no.
Belly: The codeine?
Matthew: Is that the woozy medicine?
Belly: Yes.
Matthew: No. The best part was getting to hang out with you longer.
Belly: Aw, thanks, bug. It was pretty special to me, too.
Matthew: So, how 'bout I don't go to school tomorrow so we can hang out more?

And you? What has your kid said today that made you laugh, despite yourself?


  1. That's a smart one there. Buttering you up a little.

    The 7YO told me that he was getting up early because he didn't want to miss any summer. I thought that was cool.

  2. He's a wily one, for sure. I think he learned it from his little brother. Good thing they're cute.

    I LOVE that your son doesn't want to miss a thing - hope he carries that enthusiam into the rest of his life, too. Adventures await, sleep can wait!

    Thanks for popping by, Chase!